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Hiki Ola Receives Grant

Hiki Ola will serve as a bridge between the NRCS and the community in order to support the historically underserved population of Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders with access and information about Farm Bill programs.

Program Name: He ʻaliʻi ka ʻāina, he kauā ke kanaka

The kupuna knew that if we serve our ʻāina, the land would, in turn, take care of the people.


June-July 2022

Survey Native Hawaiian and Pacific Island population of North and South Kona in order to identify barriers to programs.

September 2022-March 2024

Provide workshops for community members about Farm Bill programs.


In order for us to understand the barriers being experienced by the Native Hawaiian and Pacific Island populations with regards to equitable access to Farm Bill programs, we are conducting a survey for the above specified population during the months of June and July 2022.

One ʻaʻaliʻi seedling will be gifted to those who fill out a survey.  Your completed survey will help us to gather data to allow us to overcome the barriers being experienced and provide help for NH/PI to access these programs.

Link to survey: 


Program Manager: Keliʻikanoe Mahi

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